Teacher Course Reviews

Secondary Teacher Courses

“I took part in your course for English Teachers and I’d really like to thank you for all your teaching ideas.  They’ve improved my classes a lot.  My students and I just love your class activities.  I’m looking forward to your book of materials for Secondary Teachers!  Thank you very much.”  (Agata, Poland)

“Your course gave me a wide range of teaching ideas I can use with my classes.”  (Marco, Italy)

“Your training course was really inspiring.”  (Jens, Switzerland)

“Your course was both inspiring and motivating – it was full of great classroom ideas and so entertaining. Thank you very much.”  (Sabine, Germany)

“I’ve never learned so much on a course and had so much fun – and I say that for everyone on the course.”  (Svetla, Latvia)

“I’ve been on courses with other major providers, and your course was a hundred times better.  Thank you so much.”  (Anne-Marie, Belgium)

“This was a super useful course.”  (Tina, Sweden)

“This course was beyond my expectations.  It was just great.”  (Stefka, Bulgaria)

“I just wanted to thank you once more for the wonderful training seminars you gave us.  We had a very enjoyable time.  And thank you for the PowerPoint presentations that go with your Popular Films for Language Use books.”  (Dieter, Germany)

“Thanks once again for the very inpsiring course.  It was superb!”  (Christina, Germany)

“Thank you for your great ideas and materials.  I really enjoyed everything we did on the course.”  (Teresa, Spain)

“Thank you very much for the most wonderful 4 days.  The seminars were truly inspiring!  I wish I were a teacher like you.”  Gabriela, Slovakia)


CLIL Teacher Courses

“Firstly, I would like to thank you again for providing us with such wonderful materials.  After your sessions I realize there are so many different approaches to explore… Thank you for broadening our minds.” (Mario, Spain)

“Thank you.  The course was great and I learned so much I can put into practice.”  (Roland, Germany)

“I was really happy to attend your sessions and take part in such lively learning activities.  I can really draw inspiration from your materials and improve my way of teaching, and not only for bilingual teaching.”  (Maria Grazia, Spain)

“The course content was great and the rhythm and pace of everything was excellent.  I learned so much.”  (Maria Zamora, Spain)

“This was the best teacher’s course I have ever attended.  It was a real pleasure and I learned so much.  Thank you.”   (Juan Antonio, Spain)

“The ideas you gave us are so useful and easily adapted for our class subjects. I am really looking forward to using them with my classes. And you are such a lively, entertaining and enthusiastic presenter.  Thank you very much.”  (Barbara, Switzerland)

“This course was a unique experience.”  (Olaf, The Netherlands)

“Thank you for your amazing lessons.”  (Giorgio, Italy)

“Brilliant and amazing.  You gave us so much I just can’t express my thanks enough.”  (Stefan, France)

 “The course was excellent.  I will need at least a year to put all the teaching ideas into practice!”  (Maria, Spain)

“We want to thank you so much.  It was fantastic.  You gave us so many ideas and so much material.”  (Astrid and Selma, Holland)

“Today was my first day teaching with CLIL methodolgy in our school.  Thanks to your course I feel more secure.  This morning I saw my students smiling after a CLIL history lesson and I thought of you with gratitude”.  (Marisa, Italy)

“Thank you for all the great ideas you gave us on the course.”  (Tadeja, Slovenia)

“I would like to thak you again for the course.  I have already changed the way I teach my CLIL classes and my students feel much more self-confident.  I used some of the activities you gave us and they loved them.” (Vincent, France)

“This is the best CLIL course I have ever done.”  (Jarno, France)

“Thank you again for the wonderful seminars.”  (Franz, Austria)

“I have done three CLIL courses but this is the best CLIL course I have ever done.”  (Tom, The Netherlands)

“Your seminars were a fantastic experience and encouraged me to learn more about CLIL.  Now I am working on CLIL materials for my school and coordinating CLIL projects with other schools.  Thank you very much.  You do such rewarding work for teachers.”  (Michal, Poland)

“Thank you once again for everything.  Your seminars were inspirational.”  (Ludmila, Czech Republic)

“Thank you for all the useful and enriching ideas and materials you gave us during this very interesting week.”  Pierre, France)

“Our CLIL course with you is over and on behalf of my colleagues I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful seminars you gave us.  Everything was very useful and practical and I am sure we will be able to apply it all in our work.  The amount of materials you gave us was huge and everything was perfect.  Lastly, thank you for showing us how teaching can be – easy, humorous, charismatic and inspiring.  I think many of us will try to be like this in our work.”  (Nadezda, Latvia)


CLIL Course for Maths Teachers

“The course was well designed, covering specific maths vocabulary as well as vocabulary learning techniques. Task-based learning is now something I want to use in my lessons.  The school visits were a very interesting insight into maths teaching in English. You created a concentrated learning atmosphere with a good mixture of activities and humour.  Thank you very much for a wonderful course. I enjoyed it immensely and am eager to apply as many of these techniques as I can.”  (Lukas)

“This was one of the best CLIL courses I have done, with lots of practical input, discussion with colleagues and time to work on our own things.  I enjoyed the week very much.”  (Roman)

“The course was perfect for me and the language for maths teaching was great.”  (Christian)

“I learned a lot of new methods for teaching CLIL classes.”  (Stefan)

“Thank you for your inspirational seminars.  I enjoyed them a lot and it was great to work with so many applications I know I will use with my learners.”  (Alina, Poland)


IT for English Teachers – Using New Technology

“I have never learned so much on a single course.”  (Kati, Finland)

“Thank you very much for all the materials you shared with us and for the wonderful lectures you gave.  It was a great experience and gave me so much food for thought.”  (Ljudmila, Estonia)

“Thank you again for four marvellous days!  I’ll definitely be using the ideas you shared with us.”  (Marie, Sweden)

“This course has changed me as a teacher.  You were an inspiration.”  (Ulla, Poland)

“I found the course extremely inspiring and I returned to Switzerland with a rucksack of brilliant ideas and new enthusiasm for teaching.”  (Mirjam, Switzerland)

“I really enjoyed the course and the lively way you gave it.  I learned  a lot and will certainly use all the materials and ideas in class.”  (Ton, The Netherlands)

“This course was awesome.  I learned so much.”  (Denise, Switzerland)

“I am back in my hometown in Spain and I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and the geat materials with us.  You made the use of technology in the classroom accessible for everybody in an easy and entertaining way.  THANKS!”  (Isabel, Spain)

“Thank you for your inspirational classes.  I enjoyed them a lot.  I intend to practise using lots of the tools and applications you gave us.”  (Alina, Poland)

“Thank you for everything!  You have been a source of inspiration.  My students have done so many things you suggested and are really motivated.”  (Emanuela, Italy)

“Thank you for all the ideas you gave us.  My students love using the applications you showed us how to use.”  (Elvira, Italy)

“I now have a further qualification in using technology to teach English thanks to your help and inspiration.  I use technology in all my lessons now and the students really enjoy it.”  (Catherine, France)

“Thank you for the amazing course you taught.  I really learned a lot and feel much more confident when using computers and mobiles for teaching English.”   (Tatiana, Germany)

“Thank you for a great and helpful course.”  (Annti, Finland)


Literature Teacher Courses

“You gave us in two days enough ideas and materials to last us a year of teaching.”  (Uli, Austria)

“I’ve just got back home and I am bursting with all the new ideas you gave us.  I  want to try them out with all my classes and share them with colleagues.”  (Zaklina, Sweden)

“This is one of the most interesting courses I have ever followed.”  (Caterina, Italy)

“Thank you very much for all the material and especially for your inspiring lessons.  I have never attended such a great course.  I am sure I can use nearly all your materials and ideas in the classroom.”  (Christina, Germany)


Life in Britain Courses

“It was a privilege to be on your course.  I learned so much and you gave so many materials and resources I can use with my learners.”  (Adina, Rumania)

“It was a wonderful experience to work with you and other colleagues on the course.  I think I will never forget such a beautiful two week period.”  (Valentina, Sicily)

“Thank you so much for all your help and support.  The course was fantastic, stretching and involving.  It was a pleasure.  I hope I have the opportunity to enjoy more of your seminars.”  (Anna, Italy)


Primary Teacher Courses

“Thank you for the great course you did with us. We really learned a lot and had great fun in addition!”  (Catherine, France)

 “Thank you for your wonderful sense of humur and all the resources you shared wth us!”  (Marie-Pierre, France)

“I really enjoyed your Teacher Training sessions. They were fantastic and I learned so much.”  (Annette, Germany)

“I have never been presented with so many new teaching ideas in such a short period of time.”  (Evanthia, Greece)

“Thank you again.  I really had a great and interesting time and learned a lot of new ideas.  Yesterday I used some of your materials from your book and my learners really enjoyed them. I’m going to use more of them very soon! ”  (Stéphanie, France)

“Thank you very much for the course you gave us.  It was really fantastic!  The large range of materials you gave us was really helpful.  I have tried some of the games with my pupils and they really enjoyed them.  Next I’m going to create my own class wiki as you showed us.”   (Myriam, France)

“I really enjoyed your course for Primary teachers.  I find all the materials, resources and tips you gave us really useful in my lessons.”  (Violeta, Spain)

“You have given us enough materials to last a whole year with our learners.”  (Barbara, Germany)

“This is the best course I have ever been on.”  (Pirjo, Finland)

“This course had everything – it had fun and laughter and was really motivating.”  (Monica, Italy)