About me

At present I am working with CLIL teachers in Switzerland, running training courses in England, Switzerland and other European countries for teachers of Primary, Secondary and CLIL classes, as well as working on books for CLIL teachers, Popular Films for Language Use 4, a book of materials for using documentary films in the classroom, and Secondary English Lesson Materials, a book of materials for Secondary Teachers of English.  I run numerous training courses for teachers who are funded by Erasmus, and I regularly run seminars /workshops throughout Europe.

My work experience has involved the following:

Academic Director of Distance Training at International House, London.
Academic Director at Hull’s School of English, Zurich
Head of Teacher Training at School of Oriental and African Studies, London University.
Chief Examiner for the DELTA written exam, Cambridge Exams
Assessor for the DELTA practical exam
Chief Examiner for the written paper of the Certificate of Proficiency in English
Team Leader for Cambridge speaking tests (KET, PET, Preliminary, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC)
Cambridge Exams item writer
Designing and running Business English Certificate courses
Running workshops in Europe for teachers in Hotel and Catering Schools.
Designing and running tailor-made CLIL and BILI courses for teachers in Switzerland
Running Erasmus+  courses for CLIL, Secondary, Primary and Business Teachers

To see the books I have published, click on the link for My books.

If you would like to book me to give workshops in your school or area, or attend the Teacher Courses I run in England, please contact me at: grahamworkman@aol.com