Seminars / Workshops

I have given many workshops on Cambridge Exams, CLIL methodology and materials, exploiting films for language and content purposes, and a range of other subjects.

You can request any workshop in a particular area and I will design a tailor-made workshop for your participants.

Below is a list of teacher training seminars/workshops I have given with teachers in different parts of the world.

  1. Teaching and Practising Intonation
  2. Developing Reading Skills
  3. Developing Speaking Skills
  4. Developing Listening Skills
  5. Developing Writing Skills
  6. Designing and Using Language Games
  7. Language Analysis: Concept Questions and Time Lines
  8. Using a Lexical Approach in language teaching
  9. Using Literature in the Language Classroom
  10. Using Film extracts in the Classroom
  11. Class Dynamics
  12. Using Cuisenaire Rods
  13. Drama in the language classroom
  14. Exploiting Authentic Materials
  15. Using Songs creatively
  16. Total Physical Response (TPR) for Primary learners
  17. Using The Phonemic Sound Chart
  18. Simulations in the Classroom
  19. Conversation and Discussion classes
  20. Project Work
  21. Learner Diaries in Language Learning
  22. Study Skills for Learning English
  23. How to motivate learners
  24. Using Roleplay and Drama
  25. Self-Appraisal Skills for Language Teachers
  26. Humanistic Approaches to Language Teaching
  27. Observing Teachers and Giving Feedback
  28. Correcting Spoken Errors
  29. Individual Learning Styles
  30. Teaching Exam Classes
  31. Teaching Phrasal Verbs and Idioms
  32. Teaching Younger Learners
  33. Creating your own Task-Based Learning materials
  34. Classroom Language for Teachers
  35. Teaching Business English classes
  36. Teaching BEC Exam classes
  37. Media Studies:  Film-making and Film Appreciation
  38. Teaching and Recycling Vocabulary
  39. Using new technology in the classroom
  40. Life in Britain
  41. Marking written homework efficiently and effectively
  42. Using technology in language teaching
  43. How to use mobile phones for learning English

Please contact me if you would like to arrange for a seminar in your school or area.